Easily & Quickly Create Profitable Landing Pages & Membership Sites – In Minutes!

Instantly create…

With this software, you are no longer at the mercy of designers and programmers. No more feeling of helplessness. Gain control back instead of begging them!

Granted, there are plenty of software that can create squeeze and landing pages, and you should (and are encouraged) to shop around and compare. After all, your money is hard-earned and should be spent wisely.

Here Are 6 Tips To Lookout For When Comparing Products

Leverage On An Established Platform

Smart marketers leverage what is readily available for them instead of trying to create everything from scratch.

When it comes to building blogs, they use an established platform like WordPress. It’s simple. They upload the WordPress files to their hosting account, and they’ll instantly have a blog. Now they can create content, and with the click of a “publish” button, their content is live on the net for everyone to see.


There Are, However, 4 Problems With A WordPress Blog

With the standard WordPress platform (even when combined with a paid premium WordPress theme), you can’t create all of the above.

But I Can Always Outsource Right?

Sure you can outsource if you want. But that only solves #1 and #3 above.

More often than not, outsourcing takes quite a bit of time for the outsourcer to complete your project – especially with the back and forth communication.

And outsourcing sure doesn’t come cheap, especially if you are a niche marketer where you are always entering multiple different markets all the time.

Let’s say at any given time you are in 10 different markets. If you were to outsource 10 squeeze page designs to a designer, you’re looking at the bare minimum of $50/design, which translates to $500 – and that is not counting future new niches that you enter.

And also not counting the fact that you haven’t created your sales page, product launch page, membership site, etc.

The list goes on, and so does the cost of creating them…

So What’s The Solution?

Introducing ProfitsTheme for internet marketers 

THE WordPress Theme that easily and quickly creates profitable Landing Pages & Membership Sites in minutes……so you can focus on marketing instead of creating sites!


"So Easy a 12 year old Can Do it"

wordpress for internet marketers

Profits Theme has taken the technical work out of building a Sales Page, Membership Page, Squeezepage, Product Launch Page, and heck even legal pagesand download pages. The killer is that you don't need a 3rd party plugin nor do you have to be overly technical.

When you setup a sale page for example. You just generate one and get a outline example of where everything should go. The pics (i.e. money back guarantee and testimonials) are already in place. All you have to do is customize the page with your own copy and add your own pics. In other words it reduces the steps to building your page while giving you a greater visual advantage.If your a blogger, freelance writer, marketer, or business owner with no technical skill. This is for you.


Darren Scott Monroe


Bottom Line – You Save Time, Money, & Effort

Use the tremendous amount of time, money, and effort saved to instead focus on marketing your business… because, frankly, marketing is what contributes to your bottom line.

Profits Theme Benefits

CAGWYW (click and get what you want) Technology

No technical skills required. Profits Theme is anti-geeks. Simply choose what you want >> click >> and you’ll get what you want.

Instant Page Generator

Easily and quickly create squeeze pages, sales pages, REAL/FAKE one-time-offer (OTO) pages, product launch pages, thank you pages, legal pages, membership pages – that are already pre-filled with content so that all you need to do is fill in the blanks – all the click of a button!

Built-In Membership Site Engine

No need to purchase additional third party membership site scripts. With Profits Theme, you can create multi-level membership sites, with your content protected (blocks unauthorized access) and drip-fed.

Integrates With PayPal

Everyone wants to use PayPal to pay these days. Your Profits Theme membership site can easily accept PayPal payments via our easy and seamless PayPal integration.

Integrates With Shopping Carts & Affiliate Management Platforms Like Zaxaa, Clickbank, & JVZoo

Although Profits Theme has its own shopping cart, you can use other shopping carts should you wish to do so. Your customers can purchase your products via Zaxaa, Clickbank, and JVZoo, and they would have membership accounts created for them automatically.

Integrates With 3rd Party Membership Scripts Like Wishlist & Digital Access Pass (DAP)

Don’t want to use Profits Theme membership engine? No problem. We also integrate with Wishlist and DAP. You can simply use Profits Theme’s stunning membership DESIGN pages, and use Wishlist or DAP to protect and drip-feed your content.

Easily & Quickly Create High Converting Squeeze Pages

Choose from a wide variety of proven designs to boost your optin conversion and build your list faster. Simply copy and paste your autoresponder code into our pages and Profits Theme’s Smart Recognition Technology will handle the rest.

Easily & Quickly Create Elegant Sales Pages

Use the page templates and TONS of graphics provided (mix-and-match the graphic elements) to build your own unique and stunning sales page.

Real & Fake One-Time-Offer (OTO) Pages

Easily create REAL OTO pages to boost your sales conversion. However, should you choose to create FAKE OTO pages, you can also easily do that with Profits Theme.

Delayed Order Buttons

Increase your conversion by displaying your order/add to cart buttons at a set time after visitors land on your page.

Real & Evergreen Product Launch Gateway

Launch your product like the gurus. You can have a real or evergreen launch. Real launch happens on a fixed date. Evergreen /perpetual launch is always ongoing without a fixed date – different subscribers will have their own different launch dates.

Exit redirect

Don’t waste your traffic. When someone closes your page, you can have him or her redirected to any page or offer you want.

TONS Of Built-In Graphics

Stunning graphics like Johnson boxes, add to cart buttons, arrows, optin forms, and guarantee badges that you can easily and quickly insert to your site.

Modern & Elegant Fonts

Still using Arial or Verdana for your font? Why not try modern and elegant fonts like Google Fonts and Cufon? They will boost the design quality of your site big time.

Facebook Comments

In addition to regular WordPress comments, you can use Facebook comments on your landing pages and blog to increase social engagement with your audience.

Fully functional, professionally-designed blog framework

Want to use Profits Theme for regular blogging? Your wish is our command! Check!

Link Cloaking

You can easily cloak your links without using additional 3rd party software. It’s all built-in right inside Profits Theme.

Integrated SEO

We provide you with SEO settings for your blog and individual posts and pages. No need to install another SEO plugin.

Easily & Quickly Insert Analytics/Code

If you have Google Analytics codes, tracking codes, or other scripts, you can easily and quickly insert them into your landing pages and blog.

"Must Have!"

Hi Welly,

Thanks for offering this great theme. I purchased it right away when I saw this theme.

After found out how great it is, I immediately sent an email to my list to inform them. Not to expect to make lots of commission, but to at least letting my subscribers know of this awesome theme. To my surprise, I got a phone call and several emails from my subscribers thanking me for it. Plus, I earn good commission too!

Profits Theme is THE ONLY theme developed by a marketer for marketers. And is a MUST HAVE. That is what I can sum it up how great this theme is. And I have even had it compatible with my cloning plugin too.

Ken Sar


"From now on, I'll be using this to create most of my squeeze pages..."

wordpress for internet marketers

I had some time to play around with Profits Theme this past week and was very happy with how I was able to create a beautiful squeeze page in minutes. From now on, I think I'll be using this tool to create most of my squeeze pages. I haven't yet tried to create other types of pages such as OTO pages, sales pages, membership sites, etc. but I did quickly browse through each function and they seem to be as simple as creating the squeeze page I just created. With this tool, it is literally 'click 'n drop' (most of the time).


Francis Ochoco


"I was blown away by Profits Theme"

internet marketing wordpress theme - jeff

Wow, I was blown away by Profits Theme, I was expecting it to be a little complicated to set up, but to my surprise it was really easy and user friendly. I was even surprised to see some very cool features that weren't even mentioned on the sales page... I won't give them away. It does literally everything I've wanted in a Wordpress theme or website for that matter. I'm already seeing great results with it, my websites look better than ever and are optimized just how I want them. Thanks a ton!


Jeff Bode



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Profits Theme is created specifically for internet marketers by internet marketers. It solves all 4 problems above:

Profits Theme can be used on unlimited domains that YOU own. But let’s just be conservative and assume you’re going to use it on just 10 domains.

If you were to outsource the design and programming work to freelancers, you’d have to pay fees similar to below:

But with Profits Theme, you’ll never have to pay that kind of money, not even close…

Easy& Quick Autoresponder Integration With Your Squeeze Page

Easy & Quick Integration With Your Shopping Cart & Payment Processor (optional)

Easy & Quick Integration With Your Membership Script (optional)

So go ahead and click the Add To Cart button below now to start creating your Landing Pages & Membership Sites easily, quickly, and beautifully…

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  • Free Updates for minor version (bug fixes, performance enhancements, etc). Minor version is numbered version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc. Major updates mean significant improvements to the software, is numbered version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc, and is available to customers who own the previous version at a discounted price.
  • 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee.
  • Top Priority Support
  • No resell rights, bundling rights, or giveaway rights of any kind.