Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You have a lot of competitors. Why should I buy from you?

A: Granted, there are plenty of software/tools that can create squeeze and landing pages, and you should (and are encouraged) to shop around and compare. After all, your money is hard-earned and should be spent wisely.

Here are 6 tips to look out for when comparing products:

1. Make sure the product seller has a dedicated support team to handle after-sales customer service (both technical and non-technical). Avoid one-man show operations where the product creator is also the only one doing the selling as well as providing customer service. This typically leads to long response time, if any customer service is provided at all.

2. Make sure the product seller has great credibility and proven track record. Do a search on Google for the product name/creator’s name. Forums are best sources for this kind of information as they are less-biased.

3. With software, there are bound to be bugs. Does the seller release product updates to fix bugs?

4. Make sure the software has a “visual” CAGWYW, drag-n-drop technology where you can get a feel of what the landing page you create is going to look like (instead of only providing shortcodes). Visual is the keyword here.

5. Make sure you do not need to buy additional software/plugin to prevent unauthorized access of your product.

6. Make sure you do not need to buy additional software/plugin to create multi-level membership sites with drip-feed content capability.

Profits Theme has all of the above covered. Not sure about our competitors, but you’re welcome to do a check for yourself.

Q: What are the requirements to use Profits Theme?

A: PT Requirements:

  • Self-hosted blogs version 3 and above. Does NOT work on blogs
  • You know how to install blogs on your hosting account
  • You know how to install a WordPress plugin on your WordPress blog
  • You have used blogs before
  • Does NOT work with WordPress Multisite
  • PHP 5.2+ with ionCube loader installed (most servers have this)

Q: Can I install Profits Theme on my clients’ sites?

A: No you can’t. You can only install Profits Theme on sites that YOU own (domains must be registered under your name/business name). To install Profits Theme on your clients’ sites, you need to purchase a separate license for each and every one of your clients.

Q: Can I sell my blog that contains Profits Theme?

A: The new blog owner needs to buy a separate Profits Theme license; otherwise you need to uninstall Profits Theme before selling it.

Q: I need to do some customization to my Profits Theme. Can you do custom design/coding work for me?

A: We don’t do custom design/coding work. With a search on Warrior Forum or other freelancing sites, you should be able to find a professional to do it for you.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: You can contact us here.